About us

The Joy of the Gospel – Evangelii Gaudium is the title of Pope Francis’ very well recognized exhortation. We took it as the title and basic theme of the website dedicated to international missions of the Congregation of the Mission.

Main purpose of this website is to show the joy of preaching the Gospel and living the Gospel there where God is less known but desired. In these places our Congregation is present. Our missionaries bring God’s Word and Love to people in Africa, South America and Oceania, among many other places on the Globe where you can find followers of Saint Vincent de Paul.

We want to share with you their joy, their daily struggles, the harvest brought in God’s vineyard in the mountains of Chile and Bolivia, ice and snow of Alaska, heat and humid of Tunisia, Angola, Chad and Benin in Africa and Oceania in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. Our Confreres coming from various Provinces of the Congregation, various countries and cultures volunteered to do the missionary work.