Mission Appeal: Information For Those Volunteering

  1. After a period of serious discernment, if you feel moved to volunteer for the missions, please send you letter or e-mail to Rome by November 25, 2016 or again by February 17, 2017 so that we can review requests at our Tempo Forte meetings in December 2016 and March 2017.
  2. It is helpful to know the language beforehand, but it is not absolutely necessary. A period of cultural and language training will be provided for the missionaries.
  3. It is necessary that the Missionary should have reasonably good health and the flexibility needed for inculturation.
  4. Confreres who volunteer should inform the Visitor in their province that they have done so. Later, the superior general will then dialogue with the Visitor about the matter.
  5. Your letter should give some background knowledge about your person, your ministerial experience, your languages and your training. It should also express any particular interests that you have, such as the mission in which you would like to take part.
  6. Even if you have already written in the past, please make contact again.
  7. If you cannot go to the missions we welcome your monetary contribution as a sign of your zeal for the missionary work of the Congregation. Every year many eligible provinces needing help seek a micro-project grant of $5,000 or less from the Vincentian Solidarity Office. These grants are awarded by the VSO quickly and with minimal paperwork. The VSO reports on the wonderful results of these grants in its quarterly bulletin (see: www.cmglobal.org/vso)